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Camera Gear

What I use in the field.


I decided on adding a page that lists all of the gear I own and use for my phtography, and why I chose a particular camera or lens for a particular shot. Please find a complete listing of what camera gear I own and use on a daily basis. If anything changes, I will change it here first!

I have also listed various items I believe are needed (and which I use) when photographing wild animals in the bush whether on foot or from a vehicle. The question is can one man own too many cameras, I personally do not believe so!


2 x Canon 7D Camera Bodies.

2 x Canon 40D Camera Bodies.

1 x Canon 70 – 200mm F 2.8 Lens.

1 x Canon 100 – 400mm F 4 – 5.6 Lens.

1 x Canon 400mm Fixed F 4 Lens.

1 x Canon 18 – 85mm F 2.8 Lens.

1 x Canon 15 – 85mm F 3.5 – 5.6 Lens.

1 x Canon 2 x Teleplus Converter.

1 x Canon 540 EZ Speedlite Flash.

1 x Manfrotto Professional Tripod.

2 x Bean Bags.