Paddy Hagelthorn

The Man behind the lens..


Paddy Hagelthorn was born and educated in Zimbabwe, formally Rhodesia, where he did his National Service after school. From a very young age he took a lively interest in all wildlife and the African bush and knew this was where his future lay. He left Bulawayo in 1983 and came to South Africa where he soon moved to the bush to fulfil his passion for wildlife. His lifestyle in the African bush has afforded Paddy the opportunity to indulge in his other highly-successful interest – wildlife photography.

His photographs have been published widely in various magazines and he has featured in the Top 10 Agfa Awards. For the past five years, Paddy has contributed to wildlife calendars and postcards and has exhibited in Europe and at Holland & Holland’s Showroom in London. Paddy’s pleasant, easy-going nature and sense of humour endear him to all the guests at Savanna and his skill as a raconteur results in many enjoyable evenings spent re-living exciting animal encounters.